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The result of a two year journey by two brothers,
this extraordinary production involved 90 coast-to-coast recording
sessions to include a diverse range of people from scores of nations.

...Over 200 passionate performances in one of the most
 unique and inspiring recordings of our time!

to 29 singers, 32 musicians, a 41-person Youth Choir, 94-person World Community Choir, 101-person Om Choir and 22 people from around the world speaking "we are one" in their native language!

an Israeli woman open the track proclaiming "we are one" in Hebrew followed by a Lebanese woman singing "we are one family" in Arabic, a Native American couple singing "we are all related" in Lakota and a Columbian woman shouting in Spanish..."feel the truth within your heart!"

the sanctity and interconnectedness of life as 11 American lead singers and 1 Australian representing rock, pop, country, jazz, blues and r&b inspire us to live and work together in peace, love and unity!

as 6-year-old Brooke from America’s heartland reminds us that “we are one and the truth of life is love!”

the joy of five South African singers back up an East Indian woman as she sings "we are one" in Hindi, while joined by a 101 person Om Choir and an array of Latin, African, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern drums and percussion!  

the timeless truth of oneness to resonate in your heart as Baimei from China closes the track singing "we are one family" in Mandarin!

We are One Global Family! It's time for each of us to live 'the truth of who we
for the benefit of our families, communities, nations and the world!


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